If you have a DPF concern then it’s likely that the filter is not at fault and the engine management system may have an issue which may be stopping the natural regeneration process and therefore your DPF is blocked.

For this reason alone we offer a DPF assessment where we will investigate the engine management system along with other tests to establish the cause as to why you have a blocked particulate filter.

We will advise you fully on what is required to fix the causes along with advice on the DPF filter cleaning and preventative maintenance after repair to ensure trouble free motoring.

Along side this in most cases we can clean the DPF filter in situ on the car saving money on replacements and costly installation times.

Also in some cases cleaning is not necessary as the assessment and subsequent repairs allows natural regeneration again to occur therefore saving on cleaning costs!

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If you have a DPF problem, then call to discuss your requirements or make a booking.

The evaluation can take around 1.5 to 2 hours and this cost is £90 inc vat.

The DPF evaluation is money well spent before any attempt to repair or clean a blocked filter is carried out.

We can clean most DPF filters in situ on the car.

Please contact us for details and further advice.

We are pleased to be an active agent for the DPF DOCTOR national network  www.the-dpf-doctor.com.