Unbelievably we have been specialising in the Citroen brand for well over 20 years now!

Times are changing though and so do the cars in terms of technology. To this end we are moving forward with a new manufacturer diagnostic tool platform for 2019.

We believe we will be the only independent specialist in Stoke on Trent with the authorized diagnostic tool.

We have completed the training programme at the manufacturers HQ in Coventry in April 2019.

Professional car mechanic working in auto repair service with special laptop for automatic fix

So what does this mean for you our Citroen customers?

  • It means we have full diagnostic capability for Citroen cars and vans.
  • We are authorised and connected to the manufacturers internet server for all software updates and configurations which is becoming very common and needed now.
  • We have access to all manufacturer technical information systems including Technical Service Bulletins.
  • We can offer you all this coupled with our +20 years experience.