Air conditioning is fitted to most vehicles these days and keeps you fresh and cool.

It should also be left on during the winter as it dehumidifies your interior and aids better demisting of your windows.

Car air conditioning servicing

Most air conditioning systems require a regular maintenance service and refrigerant gas re charge normally every 2 years.

We can offer a comprehensive service and refrigerant re charge for R134A and the new R1234YF systems.

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Air Conditioning Not Working?

The later gas R1234YF has been fitted to vehicles from around 2016 onwards and we are equipped with the very latest R1234YF Air conditioning station.

Numerous times we see people who’s air con is not working and they have the system cheaply re gassed only to find after a few days or weeks its stopped working as the system has a leak somewhere but they were never advised.

We offer a leak trace service using a very accurate system called lock trace to ensure leaks are found first and advice is given to you before spending money on a re gas only.

climate control unit

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