Vehicle diagnostic evaluation.

Warning light illuminated? Electrical symptom or fault?

Airbag warning light

We have many years experience in fault finding on todays modern systems. With 2 in house technical data systems and all the manufacturer online data systems at our disposal coupled with multiple diagnostic tools we offer a fault to fix service.

What’s involved when we diagnose your car?

Part 1 —

  • Careful listening to you our customer about your problem.
  • Road tests to ensure we understand your concerns.
  • Use of our diagnostic platforms to investigate the issue accurately.
  • Consultation to our in house technical data systems for accurate information.
  • Follow up with you at this stage to advise on next steps.
Mechanic making car diagnostics with laptop

Part 2 —

  • Advice on a test plan and explanation of equipment and data being used.
  • Follow up to you on our findings and test results along with recommendations of repair.

Some faults if simple can be found in part 1 of our evaluation and advice to fix can be given within this 1 hour evaluation and this cost is £96 including Vat.

More complex faults require further fault trace and a test plan and more time to diagnose and we would advise you of the estimated time required at the end of our part 1 evaluation.

Please call us for further advice and information.

It’s much better to test and not guess!