Timing is everything.

Timing is of the essence…never more so than with timing belt replacements.  If you get it wrong, your costs of repair can be huge, get it right and you guarantee yourself trouble free driving with no costly repair bills due to timing belt failure.

Ensure you replace your timing belt at the correct interval.
As the above image shows all the timing belt teeth missing due to excessive mileage and age !
Please call us with your registration number and current mileage if you require advice.
Gates timing belt and pulleys
we only use well known belt manufacturers such as Gates Power grip
and Schaeffler INA timing belt kits.
Gates sonic timing belt tension tool to ensure correct tension adjustment.
Call Now
If you are unsure when your timing belt replacement is required we will be happy to help you for peace of mind.

Better still pop in and see us as we can usually recommend and advise the interval change within a few minutes.